Newfoundland & Labrador

Welcome to the land of open spaces, friendly faces, and slower paces.

Life around here is a little different. After all, what else would you expect from a place with its very own time zone?

Sailing into the ports of Newfoundland & Labrador is an experience unlike any other. Introduce your cruise audience to the radiance of Canada’s eastern edge, where fresh ocean spray fills the air and friendly faces are always easy to come by. From its sweeping vistas to the diverse collection of dialects and colourful ports of call, the magic of Newfoundland & Labrador calls its visitors back again and again.

Here, panoramic ocean views are around every turn. Mountain ranges frame rolling hills and winding valleys. Waves crash against severe coastlines speckled with traditional fishing villages. Lush forests and sparkling lakes, sublime fjords and rugged rocks – Newfoundland & Labrador is something straight out of a storybook, and each guest is sure to bring home many unique stories of their own.

Cruising Newfoundland & Labrador is a once-in-a-lifetime journey – every time.

Come get to know Newfoundland & Labrador up close and personal.

Whether your cruise audience is on the hunt for nature, culture, history, or all of the above, this hidden gem of a travel destination is unique from all angles.

There’s no shortage of discoveries to be made in Newfoundland & Labrador. This little paradise is home to five distinct UNESCO World Heritage Sites, each one a marvel. Immerse yourself in the past at L’Anse aux Meadows, the only authenticated Viking site in North America. Go back even further in time and explore the world’s oldest known collection of large, multicellular fossils atop the craggy cliffs of Mistaken Point, or walk atop the Earth’s exposed mantle at the world-famous Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park. No matter your stop in Newfoundland & Labrador, there’s plenty of adventure everywhere you turn.

Not into the great outdoors? There are tons of sights to see in the towns and city centres, too. Each of this province’s diverse ports have it all, from beautiful scenery to colourful downtowns with trendy retail shops, bars, and restaurants. Catch a live show or two, sip espresso in a local coffee shop, or visit one of the province’s many museums and art galleries. Newfoundland & Labrador truly has something for everyone, no matter their age or interests, and anyone lucky enough to visit here is sure to return home with plenty of stories – of gorgeous scenery, grand adventures, and even more extraordinary people.

Stopping in Newfoundland & Labrador is sure to be a cruise experience that is entirely its own.

Ports & Destinations

In Newfoundland & Labrador, each port is a new adventure.

Discover the rugged beauty that our province is known for – in the coves, around the bends, and across the world. Peer into Newfoundland & Labrador’s ports and destinations below!

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