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Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (France)

The only French ports of call in North America.

Discover des îles d’exception – the exceptional islands – of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, located less than 20 kilometres (12 miles) south of the island of Newfoundland. This beautiful archipelago offers an authentic and unique experience of seaside France from right here on the edge of North America. Two islands with two distinct ports of call, the Port of Miquelon is perfect for small expedition ships while the Port of Saint-Pierre is well-suited for cruise vessels of all sizes.

Don’t let the small size fool you – there’s an abundance of history and culture here to uncover. Allow yourself to be romanced by the lush landscapes and the rich Basques, Brittany, Normandy, and Acadian cultures that call these islands home. Explore the region’s heritage through one of the many museums and exhibits that tell the story of Saint-Pierre, Miquelon-Langlade, Île aux Marins and surrounding islands. With plenty of guided tour options available both on foot and by bus, history is constantly at your fingertips waiting to be discovered.

If sweeping natural views are more to your cruise audience’s taste, these islands have no shortage of breathtaking scenery. Here you’ll find plenty of rolling greens and sandy beaches, nature trails and nesting grounds. From severe rocks and forests to lazy seas and lagoons, there’s a flavour for everyone in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.

Come fall in love with this little piece of France. Between its culture, nature, and iconic French cuisine, cruising here is sure to be the highlight of your audience’s itinerary.


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Saint-Pierre–Cruise Ship Wharf

Wharf can accommodate vessels up to 300 m (984 ft) in length
Length: 54 m (177 ft)
Berthage: 150 m (492 ft)
Deck Elevation: 5 m (16.4 ft)
Depth: 10.5 m (34 ft)
Total wharf surface: 3500 m2 (0.9 acre)

Miquelon Harbour–Main Wharf

Wharf can accommodate small expedition ships
Length: 105 m (345 ft)
Deck Elevation: 5 m (16 ft)

Things To Do

Sights To See

  • Guided Tours Available

    L’Île aux Marins

    This little island is just a 10-minute boat ride from Saint-Pierre and was once home to a community of over 600 fishermen and pioneers. While it’s now mainly populated by cabins and summer homes, the community’s remains have been immaculately preserved as interactive heritage exhibits. Take in the history of the region by visiting the island’s museum, Archipélitude, or roam freely in and out of the buildings for a hands-on experience!

  • Guided Tours Available


    Dubbed the Nature Island, Miquelon-Langlade is bursting with beautiful scenery. Its rolling green, clean sand, and peaceful oceanside air is a natural oasis unlike anywhere else. Explore local history, geology, geography, climate, and biodiversity through an interactive permanent exhibit at the Nature Interpretation Centre. Follow along on a guided walking or bus tour of the region, or simply take a walk and take it all in.

  • Guided Tours Available

    Explore Fishing & Marine History

    Visit one of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon’s many museums and learn about the area’s fishing and marine history. Musée Héritage displays objects that testify to the social, economic, and religious development of the last two centuries. Discover Musée de l’Arche, home to both the Archives and the museum of the Collectivité Territoriale of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. Meet the locals on the shore who are passionate about doris, the archipelago’s traditional wooden fishing boat. They’ll welcome you to check out their fishing shed on the waterfront – and why not take an excursion in this boat during your visit?

  • Guided Tours Available

    Discover Downtown

    The vibrant downtown core of Saint-Pierre awaits you! Stroll through colourful streets filled with charming shops and restaurants, or take a tour to discover the local history and architecture.

  • Prices Vary

    Hike and Zodiac Tour

    Experience the biodiversity of the islands first-hand on a scenic hike through one of the many trails. After taking in the incredible views, board a Zodiac with a guide and get up close and personal with the seals, puffins, and birds (both resident and migratory) that call Saint-Pierre et Miquelon home.

Getting Around

Distance from port to city centre: 2 km

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